Our Privacy Policy was stipulated with consideration given to the protection of private information of users of the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation’s website.

[1. Fundamental Philosophy]

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation (below, “the foundation”), in the running of the foundation’s website (below, “website”), will give consideration to the protection of the privacy of users and will suitably manage under law the private information offered by users.

[2. Scope of Collected Data]

The website automatically collects data related to internet domain name, IP address and viewing history of the website. Additionally, the website does not use cookies (information left on the user’s computer by the server to make differentiation of users by the server possible). Forms on the website request the filling in of information that makes the user identifiable, like name, address, e-mail address, etc. Additionally, in the event of inquiries via e-mail, the e-mail address of the sender will be visible to the recipient. The website uses SSL (a method of safely handling data, where communication between the server and the browser is encoded) to safely send and receive user data. No special settings are required for SSL pages, as they will automatically encode information. There may be times when a message is displayed with data is being encoded, but it is not an error so please click “OK” and proceed.

[3. Usage of Collected Data and Limits on Offering]

Data collected by the website will be used to ensure smooth operation of the website, facilitating answers to inquiries and corresponding business reception for each form. Additionally, feedback will be used as reference in business operation. In the event the foundation will use information offered to send business information, etc., there will be something to that effect mentioned when entering information, in addition to asking for consent from the person in question (a confirmation click, etc.). Aside from cases where there are requests for disclosure of private information collected on the website under law, the person in question has agreed or there is some other special reason, private information will not be disclosed to a third party.

[4. Applicable Scope]

This privacy policy is only applicable on this website. Contact Information Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation Tel. 048-851-6652 Fax 048-851-6653 Regarding the usage of cookies Cookies will be used for the following reasons on our website to improve usability, as well as maintain and improve the quality of services for customers. These cookies are not being used for the collection of the customer’s private information. ・Contact Form ・For statistical examination and analysis (Google Analytics) of access to the website