Saitama at MedtecLIVE with T4M 2022(On Site)

MedtecLIVE with T4M (Technology for Medical Devices) 2022 will be held on site. Four exhibitors from Saitama will be present at Hall10-745 at MedtecLIVE with T4M, which will be held in Stuttgart, Germany from May 3rd to May 5th, 2022. They will be waiting for you at the Saitama booth!
The four exhibitors are as follows:

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. is represented with high-precision silicone rubber moulded parts, ultra-compact pressure-reducing and non-return valves for dialysis, ventilation, pneumoperitoneal applications, infusions, regenerative medicine and other fields. Their latest innovation includes a compact, disposable liquid-detecting sensor without batteries suitable for adult diapers, preventative-maintenance for medical machines, blood infusions and many more.

NIPPON PISTON RING Co., Ltd., famous as a metallurgy specialist will present its highly biocompatible (nickel-free, cobalt-free, vanadium-free, aluminum-free), Radiopaque, MRI compatible "NiFreeT", a titanium-tantalum alloy with low modulus near that of human bone and very high elasticity, high tensile strength and high elongation. Potential applications are: micro-catheter reinforcement, stents, spinal cages and other implantable devices. It's also highly resistant to corrosion and heat.

KANEKO Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer of components for endoscopes, surgical technology, oxy generators, anaesthesia equipment and many more made of metal, machinable ceramics and plastics and will present their technology for high-precision assemblies for medical technology, aviation and other industries.

KYOWA SEIKO CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of injection moulded parts for medical technology, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well as hygienically perfect plastic packaging, injection-moulding, optical lenses and other precision products, such as those found in Blood Analysis Reaction Cells in accordance with the highest sterility criteria (including eight class ISO7 clean rooms).