Saitama at Medical Manufacturing Asia 2022(On Site)
Medical Manufacturing Asia (MMA) 2022 will be held on site from August 31st to September 2nd, at Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall in Singapore. Six companies from Saitama will have an exhibit at Booth No. 2U14, B2 floor. At the same time, Medical Fair Asia (MFA) will also be held at the same venue. We are hoping to see you at the Saitama booth!

The six exhibitors are as follows:

HIT. Co., Ltd.
Medical Check-up NAVI is the all in one packaged software that contains many functions necessary for the medical check up business. Patient info management, schedule management, report printing, typing doctor's comments, and importing the lab results. And also, it has the function of a database, each patient's chronological test results management is possible. By installing this software, you can start the check up operations easily in your clinics and hospitals.

 KAKOH Co., Ltd.
We manufacture small precision metal tubes. We currently supply to Japanese and worldwide manufacturers of endoscopes, nozzles, analytical equipment (chromatography), and syringes.
Our company specializes in;
- Irregular Tubes (custom made)
- Various Materials (stainless steel, titanium, nickel, nitinol, etc.)
- Small Lot Production (trial production/development as well)
Our company was established in 1964 as an electric discharge machining (EDM), small hole pipe electrode manufacturer.

We are a manufacturer of plastic injection moulding parts for medical technology, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well as hygienically perfect plastic packaging, injection-moulding, optical lenses and other precision products, such as those found in Blood Analysis Reaction Cells in accordance with the highest sterility criteria (including eight class ISO7 clean rooms).
We can utilize clean rooms to support integrated production of Injection molding, assembly, inspection, and packaging. We also provide re-inspection service.

Nihon Dento Kogyo Co., Ltd.
We are capable of producing a wide variety of products in small lots. We can provide fine-tuned production without relying on automated machines.
We have been offering a wide range of surface treatments from plating, aluminum anodization to electrodeposition painting.
Using direct gold plating technology on stainless steel, we also have experience mass producing plates for catheters and stents that go directly into the body. We also perform anodizing on titanium items for identification purposes and partial gold plating of forceps.
Some of our popular plating on medical devices:
● thick gold plating on catheter 
● partial gold painting on forceps, etc.
● anodizing to tweezers, etc.

NPR famous as a metallurgy specialist will present as follows;
1. Biomaterial  ""NiFreeT""
Features: highly biocompatible (nickel-free, cobalt-free, vanadium-free, aluminum-free), Radiopaque, MRI compatible, low modulus near that of human bone, very high elasticity, high tensile strength, high elongation and highly resistant to corrosion and heat.
Potential applications: micro-catheter reinforcement, stents and other implantable devices.

2. Other technologies
(1) DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Coating
Features: High Hardness, High Wear Resistance, High Corrosion Resistance and Low Friction
Our thicker coating (up to 15μm) can last longer than conventional ones.
Potential applications: Artificial Joints and Surgical Tools
(2) Ti-MIM(Metal Injection Molding)
New Technology in medical industry.
Suitable to manufacture complicated shape in large quantities.

Tokyo Rikosha Co., Ltd.
We specialized in manufacturing power supply control devices for medical and many other industrial equipment.
Our main products are thyristor type power regulators and transformers including Noise-Cut Transformer and Slide transformer, which are widely used in the following areas:
- Medical equipment with voltage regulator incorporated
- Production equipment requiring stabilized electrical operation
- Fan Filter Unit (FFU) devices with motor controller for cleanroom

Our electrical safety testing equipment is available for the following testing:
- Insulation endurance
- Protective continuity
- Leak current
- Power consumption (VA) measurement
- Other safety items