Saitama Japan brings innovative and specialized medical devices to Medical Manufacturing Asia 2020

For the upcoming MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2020 in Singapore on 9 – 18 December 2020, Saitama City (Japan) will be featuring a couple of their latest and highly specialized technology and products.
Saitama City in Saitama Prefecture, just northwest of Tokyo, is known to be an optimal region for manufacturing and production, which leads to having a good supply of, and ability to, produce specialized equipment for the medical field. With this being their 3rd time to exhibit at Medical Fair Asia, it is a great chance for the medical field to understand and utilize Japan’s medical technology.

Saitama will showcase a total of 7 medical companies from the region – each one of them specializing in their own medical products and manufacturing technology.
The seven exhibiting companies are leading research and development companies in the region with strong technology in creativity and innovation.

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MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2020 Digital Edition is set to take place from 9 – 18 December 2020. The shift to a digital event for its 13th edition is in response to the dynamic situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, where travel and physical restrictions are still in effect globally.

The 10-day online exhibition will offer participants a purpose-built online B2B experience for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and trade buyers from the medical and healthcare sector to conduct business on a secure sourcing platform, featuring over 3,000 products, from pandemic management solutions, diagnostic equipment, and smart care sensors to robotic rehabilitative devices.

The same trusted MEDICAL FAIR ASIA brand and a successful 23 year history, the Digital Edition is business as usual, in a new way!


HP Co.,LTD.  - High quality wig made in Japan


HP are working on the development of products that are comparable to major wig manufacturers in terms of quality, price, performance, design and color.
By minimizing manufacturing and advertising costs at their own factory, they have achieved high quality and low price wigs. They will contribute to the smiles of patients by providing wigs of quality equal to or better than conventional medical wigs at a low price.

 KAKOH Co.,Ltd. - Super High Precision Metal Tubes and Pipes from Japan -


KAKOH specializes in small diameter tubing which they currently supply to the medical field.
KAKOH has the ability to produce pipes smaller in diameter than any other company. This ability extends to both mass and short production runs. Experienced in a variety of metals, they can meet the needs of any customer.


KYOWA SEIKO CO., LTD. - plastics injection molding, assembly, inspection, packaging/packing



 KYOWA SEIKO CO., LTD. is a company that manufactures medical equipment, precision equipment, and small plastic resin molded components. Owning ISO7(class 10,000) clean rooms in all factories, they are capable of integrated manufacturing from molding, assembly, inspection to packaging and packing.
Specializing in production of extremely narrow cylindrical shapes. Also, high transparency and stable refractive index thanks to their precision parallelism and flatness of surface planes.With dedicated human senses and skills they achieved low defect rates and high customer satisfaction resulting in many excellency awards.
Recently creating disposable plastic containers for Covid-19 test kits.

NICHIRYO CO., LTD. - High quality and precision pipettes and dispensers -


Since its founding in 1944, Nichiryo has manufactured Micro-pipettes to Fully Automated Dispensing & Dilution Systems as a specialized manufacturer of liquid handling products. They also fulfill custom-made orders and OEM products at our customers’ requests. Nichiryo’s liquid handling technology meets the needs of customers all over the world in a variety of fields, from basic research in life science and biotechnology to clinical testing. They recently created their lightest pipette yet – the Nichipet® Air. Capable of dispensing small & accurate amounts of water with world-class precision. It’s lightweight and reduced stroke loading helps mitigating fatigue and stress from long time pipetting.

MITAKA CO., LTD. - Precision metal processed parts for medical equipment

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MITAKA CO., LTD. manufactures and sells quality products for medical equipment, semiconductor/substrate inspection and electronic equipment, straighten fine metal wires and micro coil springs. In addition to straightening and coiling, they specialize in processing small objects, such as; cutting, tip polishing and bending, to meet their clients specifications.
They have a group trading company in Hong Kong and a production facility in China to handle international demand. Japan is one of the world leaders in manufacturing very small parts. Mitaka is a leader in the field of microscopic components.

MUSASHI OPTICAL SYSTEM CO., LTD. - High quality optical components and system


MUSASHI OPTICAL SYSTEM designs, developments and manufactures optical system for 4K/8K, the color separation optical system for TV cameras, 3D optical system, optical system for surveillance, lens for optical system for FA, optical system for TV cameras (a mount conversion adapter, a view finder, various filters), optical system for medical treatments, optical system for image processing, other special optical systems, and infrared rays, lens for ultraviolet rays, and various industrial lenses.

H.I.T Co., Ltd. - Medical software for Health Checkup


HIT develops and sells software for medical institutions and corporations. Their main products include medical examination business support software, diagnostic report creation software, and corporate health management software.
They handle everything from client system construction to maintenance services.