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Tokyo Titanium Co., Ltd

Welding and machine processing technique of titanium, and comrehensive engineering from design and development t o processing and production.
2-2-9 Kokaba, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 339-0072, Japan
Area of Business
Welding and machine processing technique of titanium, and comprehensive engineering from design and development t o processing and production

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Various kinds of titanium materials, including rare metals for trading

Tokyo Titanium is a specialist for trading titanium alloys for medical purposes like ASTM F136 centerless round bars with diameters from 2 to 20 mm or sheets ranging from 1.0 to 50 mm thickness. It also stocks a wide variety of other materials, mainly CP titanium and titanium alloys, furthermore rare metals like Tantalum, Niobium, Zirconium, Tungsten and High Nickel alloys.
We accept small lots, making us a convenient and suitable partner for your business. Even with a small lots order we offer fast delivery, usually delivered within a week. Thanks to these efforts, our reputation and customer satisfaction has spurred many reliable relationships.

Titanium instruments for surgery (Tweezers)

Our accumulated experience with titanium processing techniques make the company highly sought after as a quality supplier of medical devices,
* We are acquiring the ISO13485 certificate to promote medical devices at the moment.

Bone screw(Ti6-4ELI), Implant for animals(t30μm sheet),Scull fixation plate

Titanium is biocompatible with the human body and is widely used in the medical field all over the world.
Tokyo Titanium provides various titanium medical devices with ultra-precision processing technology and long years of experience.

* We are acquiring the ISO13485 certificate to promote medical devices at the moment.

Titanium artificial femoral head

A conventional titanium artificial hip prosthesis has to be removed and changed with a new one in 20-30 years because abrasion occurs between the femoral head and polyethylene hip cup. Now, Tokyo Titanium is proud to have developed a titanium artificial femoral head that aims at 0% abrasion so that removal of the hip prosthesis is unnecessary. It has been realized via a collaboration with Saitama City and Saitama University.

Micro Heat Exchanger

Tokyo Titanium has succeeded in developing the Ti micro shell and tube heat exchanger with 2mm ID and t0.3mm, which is generally difficult to weld by TIG welding.

Strengths / Specialties

We aim for a higher customer satisfaction by offering the “1 Day/1 Week System” which deals with quick delivery and small lot production, the “One Stop Handling” which reduces the time and effort required for placing order and delivery management, as well as the “Plus One Another One Approach” that only a material supplier would offer.
Recently we have been focusing on R&D and promotion of medical equipment. To this end, we expanded our factory in July 2016 to complete a new section specializing in medical equipment. In the near future, we intend to proceed with research and sales deployment not only for the domestic market, but also putting into consideration
of expanding into the overseas market. In 2017, we renovated our headquarters and opened showrooms, exhibited titanium-related technologies and information, as well as titanium products and technologies from other companies, aiming to become a base for the transmission of titanium culture.

Company profile / business description

Since 1982, as a pioneer of titanium for 37 years, we have been carrying out integrated in-house production from material to processing and production, as well as design and development.
Recently, we have actual achievements in ocean chemical plant, and medical care. In 1996 we have conducted a company-split for the purpose of the OEM for medical material and medical equipment, and we have good sales record of titanium medical products. In 2006, we acquired First-class medical equipment production and sales permission, and in 2013 we obtained ISO13485, we obtained ISO13485, and are offering reassured, safe, stable products. In the recent years, we are investing a lot of energy into technology and product development such as automation of titanium welding skill, artificial hip joint condyle component etc., through industry-academia-government-collaboration.
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