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Sayama mold manufacturing co., ltd.

Designing and Fabrication for Injection Moulding, Fabrication for metal parts
756-4 Miyadera, Iruma-shi, Saitama, Japan
Area of Business
Micro precision mold making, Injection molding and Engineering for micro precision manufacturing

Company introduction

0.08mm pitch micro connector

Size: W12.2mm, H3.5mm, D0.6mm
Weight: 0.029g
Material: LCP

Micro Nozzle

Micro Nozzle by Micro Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
Nozzle hole diameter: 0.03mm

Strengths / Specialties

Sayama is a team of specialist for micro precision mold making, injection molding and engineering for micro precision manufacturing. We have over 50 years of experience for mold making. Our technology can control 1um order to achieve customer’s requirement.

Company profile / business description

Sayama Mold Manufacturing is a specialist of micro precision mold designing, manufacturing and injection molding. We have made over 2,200 molds in 50 years of our history.
Sayama Mold Manufacturing is specialized in manufacturing ultrahigh-precision molds as sources for ever-advancing electronic products. From prototyping to mass production of small and precise plastic products, we meet customers’ reliance with our customer-oriented attitude dedicated to ever-lasting quality improvement and seeking for total advantages.
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