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Nissin Kasei Co., Ltd.

Ultra-high Precision Molding Technology
821 Miyamae-cho, Nishi Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 331-0046 JAPAN Japan
Area of Business
Ultra-high Precision Molding Technology

Optical Components Multicore Connectors

MT ferrule
Connector for integrated connection of multicore optical fibers
Wide range of variation from 2-48 cores and various modes like MM, SM, and LL
We can also make special specification products

Strengths / Specialties

Our superior die designing, and manufacturing, molding and measuring technologies, cover a wide range of applications from general resins to engineering plastics, super engineering plastics and thermosetting resins. The system technology that brings these various technologies together is also highly advanced. Because of our abovementioned technologies, we take pride in the world’s top level manufacture of multi fiber MT ferrules for optical fiber connections
in the optical communications field which demands micron and submicron precisions.
Also, we achieve top-level production results for plastic packages that, composite molded with metal lead frames, are used to produce ultra-thinelectronic components.
We employ the latest technologies and equipment and provide
employee training in our constant drive to be the best possible total
parts provider.

Company profile / business description

We are a plastic molding company established in 1961. From the beginning, our customers have been diverse, ranging from electric and electronic part manufacturers, vehicle part manufacturers, and medical instrument manufacturers. We have received high praise from our customers thanks to our handling of
particularly complexshaped components, components with strict dimension accuracy requirements, and composite-molded parts using heterogeneous materials.
We are a manufacturer of micron-precise and sub-micron-precise plastic components and products, using the world’s top level ultraprecise resin forming technology. We also manufacture and sell products developed inhouse, such as a highly reliable optical fiber connecting components based on our ultra-precise forming technologies.
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