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Nichiryo Co., Ltd.

Liquid Handling Products and Medical Devices Manufacturing & Sales
2760-1 Nishikata, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama 343-0822, Japan
Area of Business
Liquid Handling Products and Medical Devices Manufacturing & Sales

New Pipette 'Nichipet Air' release

Among the worldʼs lightest Micro Pipettes!

Lowering weight and reducing stroke loading helps mitigating fatigue and stress from long time pipetting.
This is the latest model of 'Nichipet' with world-class Accuracy and Precision.

('Nichipet Air' is brought you by Nichiryo Co., Ltd., JAPAN)
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Strengths / Specialties

Since its founding in 1944, Nichiryo has manufactured Micropipettes to Fully Automated Dispensing & Dilution Systems as a specialized manufacturer of liquid handling products. We also fulfill custom-made orders and OEM products at our customers’ requests.

Nichiryo’s liquid handling technology meets the needs of customers all over the world in a variety of fields, from basic research in life science and biotechnology to clinical testing.

Company profile / business description

Nichiryo is a premium Japanese brand for Liquid Handling Products such as Micro Pipette.
Established in 1944 Nichiryo has a long history of developing, manufacturing and selling of Pipettes, Dispensers, and Automatic Dispensers in the global market.

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