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KANEKO Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

1-3-13, Kokaba, Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 339-0072 Japan
Area of Business

High precision machining

Strengths / Specialties

• We specialize in machining of tiny, thin, and difficult shaped precision parts using five-axis machining centers.
Regardless of the materials (metals, ceramics etc.), we are committed to supply stable quality from just a piece to mass production based on an advanced machining technology with enhanced quality management systems.
• We are committed to supply stable quality from just one piece to mass production with enhanced quality management system.
• Developing multi-view and glasses-free 3D endoscope system, which includes the patented technology for 3D image processing (Patent No.US 10,148,931 B2), we made a prototype of 3D rigid endoscope for demonstration.
• Our products are traceable from the materials based on the ISO standards(ISO9001, ISO13485, JISQ9100, and Japanese Medical Device Manufacturing License) certified.

Company profile / business description

KANEKO is located in “Saitama city” where is an adjacent prefecture of international city Tokyo.
We have over 60 years experience in machining of metal, resin, ceramic and, assembly of high-precision components. We are also experts in brazing and bonding for sub-assembly.
With over 40 years experience in the endoscopic field and, 30 years experience in aviation field, we will always provide the best solution and result. We have certified for both the medical equipment quality of ISO 13485 and aerospace quality of JIS Q 9100 (Mutual authentication to US AS9100 and the European EN9100). We calculate the labor cost which is the dominant element of the development costs in separate from the product cost. Therefore, We can undertake high difficulty of projects involving research and development is not limited to the aircraft and rocket parts, while suppressing the product cost. If you are having any problems with your current situation, please feel free to contact us.
Major clients: Medical device companies and optical device companies that require high precision parts with strict tolerance.

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