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KAKOH Co., Ltd.

Super High Precision Metal Tubes and Pipes
5-6-21, Higashi-Jujyo, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 114-0001, Japan(Saitama factory is located in Minami-ku, Saiatama-City)
Area of Business
Super High Precision Metal Tubes and Pipes

Very Small Precision Tubes

KAKOH Co., Ltd. manufactures small precision metal tubes. We currently supply to Japanese and worldwide manufacturers of endoscopes, nozzles, analytical equipment (chromatography), and syringes. Our company specialize in; ① Irregular Tubes: We can manufacture tubes with all special specifications such as thick, extraordinarily thin, and irregularly shaped tubes. ② Various Materials: We use not only stainless steel but titanium, titanium alloys, cobalt alloys (MP35N and Elgiloy) Magnesium, Hastelloy, and Inconel, all of which have been made into pipes by our engineering technique. ③ Small Lot Production (trial production/development as well): We provide you with tubes from small lots. With our sincere response, many healthcare start-ups have overcome pipe challenges to achieve breakthroughs. Our company was established in 1964 as an EDM small hole pipe electrode manufacturer. Since then our products are widely spread. We always try to propose further solutions for our clients.
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Strengths / Specialties

Innovative Precision Metal Tubes
Since its founding in 1964, Kakoh CO., LTD. has been producing tube electrodes with very small diameters using electrical discharge machining (EDM). Many years of experience make Kakoh one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the thinnest metal tubes, wires and electrodes for use in aviation, medical and other industries. Kakoh adapts material composition, shape and dimensions to individual customer requirements and easily processes even difficult materials such as titanium and titanium alloys into precision tubes with very thin or very thick wall diameters, in standard and irregular shapes.

Kakoh also supplies the finest capillaries and electrodes made from copper, brass, tungsten, carbide, titanium alloys, various precious metals and many other materials. The company succeeded in developing precision tubes using TI6AL4V titanium alloy and AZ-31 magnisium aluminium zinc alloy and is about to start mass production of chrome cobalt alloy precision tubes.

< Strengths/Specialty >
• Irregular Tubes (custom made)
Various specifications such as square, elliptical and bent pipes
• Various Materials
• Pipes of copper, brass, stainless, and even hard-to-cut materials such
as Titanium(alloy) and CCM
• Small Lot Production
From one unit, we deal with trial production/development as well

Company profile / business description

Kakoh CO., LTD. specializes in small diameter tubing which they currently supply to medical field, to endoscopes, nozzles, analytical equipment and syringes.
Kakoh has the ability to produce smaller diameter metal tubes and pipes than any other global company.
We provide precision metal tubes in small lot or in mass production, with various metal materials, shapes, and specific applications. Experienced in a variety of metals including titanium, stainless steel, gold, copper and various alloys they can meet the needs of any customer.

Other, since Kakoh was founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of electrodes for E.D.M. then our products are widely spread.
We have faithfully met the diverse needs of an increasing number of customers.
We can manage any tubes and pipes of different thickness: thicker tubes and pipes and extremely thin tubes and pipes are produced to meet your requirements.

Feel free to throw any difficulties which you have never done before. We always try to propose further solution to our clients.
In order to maintain smooth attend to our customers, our production facilities are all made within our company.

We always make further proposals to our clients.
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