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One-stop solution for medical electronics, from drafting specification through ramping up mass production, foreign companies assistance in entering the Japanese market
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foreign companies assistance in entering the Japanese market

Laparoscopic needle kit “EndoneedleNeo” for inguinal hernia surgery

This newly developed tool consists of a puncture needle, and a suture sender, which is a needle that sends a suture through the barrel of the puncture needle, as well as a suture retriever, a needle that catches the suture end using its loop and pulls back the suture. These three needles can be put together into a single unit and acts as a 3-stage rocket by pushing each part forward sequentially.
This kit is superior in operability because of the high rigidity of the needles coupled with the external case’s use as a grip. Using this three-stage rocket-style needle kit, surgeons can perform all of the procedures, including sending and retrieving a suture around the IIR, with a single tool in hand, and can facilitate the operation smoothly, which saves time during the operation. This kit can reduce the strain for both the surgeon and the affected children during herniorrhaphy.
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Low frequency treatment machine for acupuncture, “Depth Pulse AWG AC5000”

The therapeutic treatment provided by Depth Pulse AWG AC500 is based on medical science that takes advantage the importance of circulation throughout the body. Healthy circulation is a critical aspect of healing and the Depth Pulse AWG AC5000 helps the body’s circulation more efficiently which reduces inflammation. Inflammation is one of the main contributing factors to acute and long-term pain.
The Depth Pulse AWG AC5000 uses low frequency stimulation which promotes muscular contractions that enables enhanced circulation. Not only will this therapeutic remedy alleviate short-term pain, it also serves and a long-term pain management solution by helping to restore healthy tissues.

Strengths / Specialties

COSMIC M.E. INC. designs, develops and produces medical devices including electronic medical devices, consumables and a wide range of other unique and original products. In addition to our design and development capabilities, we have the necessary licenses required to manufacture and sell devices to distributors, hospitals, and other professionals in the medical field in Japan.
These licensing abilities allow us to work with foreign companies that wish to export their products for sale in Japan. Cosmic M.E. INC. can guide and assist
foreign companies through the complex regulatory system required to obtain approval needed to penetrate the Japanese market.

Company profile / business description

Since its founding in 1986, Cosmic M.E. has been a supplier of safe and user-friendly medical technology.
In-depth expertise in the development of electrical circuits, control units and firmware are some of many core competencies of the company. After its start as an ODM and OEM manufacturer, Cosmic M.E. continued the accumulation of knowledge rapidly which led to the development of a wide range of proprietary products, from electronic devices to consumables.
Today, our main products include automatic tourniquets, needle sets for laparoscopic hernia surgery, and low-frequency acupuncture devices. These are unique in their kind and extremely successful in the Japanese market.
Our portfolio also includes devices for cardiac surgery, roller massages, static electrotherapy devices, defibrillators, low and mid-frequency therapy devices, control devices for X-ray tables and non-contact ECG respiratory measurement systems.

With our knowledge of local conditions and regulations, we also offers foreign companies assistance in entering the Japanese market.
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