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Asahi Engraving Industry Co., Ltd.

Plastic injection molding and Die production(incl. cassette type mold)
1040-1 Ogose, Ogose-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama, JAPAN
Area of Business
Plastic injection molding and Die production(incl. cassette type mold)

Endoscope tip parts, Parts of Catheter

Capable of handling difficult conditions of molding.
For example, there are difficult conditions such as coexistence of wall thickness and thin wall, residual stress test, etc.
Possess precision mold manufacturing technology and know-how for mold design

Strengths / Specialties

For small products such as catheter parts, it is necessary to design and manufacture the mold while maintaining the two contradictory "product strength and mold strength".
But at our company, with mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding, we will correspond with the experience we have cultivated so far and new ideas.

Company profile / business description

Initially, we started by engraving letters on camera parts.
Concerned that the work of engraving will decrease due to the era of "from engraving to printing," we started plastic injection molding and die production. Based on our experience in manufacturing many parts with strict appearance and dimensional accuracy, and the technology we have gained through engraving, we can manufacture very small products with small dimensional tolerances.

Currently, we are considering commercializing "Microneedle (hollow type), case for cryo-preservation of eggs" by plastic injection molding.
In the near future, we would like to reduce the burden on the patient's body by administering M/N and further improve the survival rate of eggs in the cryo-preservation field.
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