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Electrical Magnetic Therapy Devices, Training equipment
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Electrical Magnetic Therapy Devices, Training equipment

Winnerlights - Innovation of Sports

Glowing bibs and markers can change the way you play soccer!
Train your brain to reach the top of the world with street soccer in the 21st century!

In football and in every other sports, there are 4 phases of every action.
Perception, Procession, Decision & Execution.
But what we see everywhere in the world is, that we almost only train the Execution without the other phases.
Passes, crosses and shots.
That is bad, because we know that we have to train everything together.
That’s why we invented Winnerlights.
Winnerlights is a tool to train cognitive skills in real-time on the pitch. It consists of markers which enlightens the goals and also shirts which enlighten the players.
By that, the coach can switch constellations within the game in real-time by the smartphone.
So he can program a game on the smartphone and can than transfer this into the real world onside the pitch.
By the colors, we are able to give new impulses into the game.
So for example one team is red and one team is blue.
The blue team plays with the blue players and the other way around.
In this game, also the goals switch which means the blue team has to defend the blue goals, attack the red and the other way around.
By that, we can change the game in real-time and force the players to object their surroundings all the time.
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Electrical Magnetic Therapy Devices, SOKEN and SOKEN RELAX

Improve Blood Circulation from Deep Parts of the Body and Release Stiffness in Shoulders Among various medical devices, SOKEN and SOKEN RELAX were the first to have been authorized for use as devices for electrical magnetic therapy in Japan. Electricity for ordinary residential use generates an alternating current (AC) magnetic field, which changes the current direction between the north and south poles 50 or 60 cycles per second. Such AC magnetic fields move forward and backward across the body, improving blood flow, which helps to resolve muscle stiffness. The main effects/benefits of these devices include improvement of blood circulation and relief of muscle stiffness. Their user-friendly design allows you to use them whenever and wherever you want, while being fully clothed!




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Winnerlights trains Perception Understanding, and Decision Making

Winnerlights is an innovative perception training system providing effective training methods to improve the perception and decision-making skills required for various kinds of sports. About 70% of mistakes in games come from the process of perception through decision, but presently training is focusing heavily on execution. Understanding this discrepancy, Winnerlights provide various training programs by changing colors of bibs or goals using devices such as smartphones, enabling the latest training based on AI analysis.
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Company profile / business description

In order to train soccer intelligence, we need to improve our "Perception and decision-making" skills.
Unfortunately, our current training only practices "execution". Winnerlights can use their smartphones and tablets to change the color of bibs and goals to implement intrasquad rotations, switching players between teams, switching between offensive and defensive positions, and changing shooting zones and areas of play, all without a coach telling them to do so.
In addition to the above, we also manufacture and sell EMFs(electromagnetic field therapy equipment) to improve circulation throughout the body. We would like to introduce the joint research data of this product with the Advanced Institute of Innovative Technology, Saitama University.
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