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YS Industries Co.,Ltd.

Metal sawing processing
3-1-12 Ueno Iwatsuki, Saitama, 339-0073, JAPAN
Area of Business
Metal sawing processing

Micro Screw with a groove (M1.2), Implant for leg-bone

Strengths / Specialties

・We can mass produce very small parts.
・We can solve almost all potential difficulties, because we have 51 years of accumulated technology and experience.
・We can produce special small tools and introduce a scratch detection system using image recognition technology
・We are located in an industry park named IWATSUKI which is the 3rd largest in Japan and we have strong relationships with many other companies in the industry park.

Company profile / business description

Since our founding, we have specialized in metal sawing processing and have been supplying parts to a wide range of fields such as automobiles, optical equipment, semiconductor devices, water supply, air conditioning, and amusement.
We are especially good at processing small parts of φ1 to φ40 by making full use of NC automatic lathes.
We provide parts with stable quality by making full use of the performance of the machine.
In addition, we always consider efficiency and manufacture special machines and inspection jigs to quickly respond to customer needs for mass-produced products.

・The head factory is located in the Industrial park named IWATUSKI in SAITAMA
・Our main business field is precision metal processing (machining). We can process almost all materials, for example; stainless-steel, aluminum, brass, titanium.
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