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Medical Examination Software, Medical Examination, Cancer screening examination

Medical Check-up NAVI

Medical Check-up NAVI is the all-in-one packaged software that covers every medical check-up operation like managing the patient's information and exam results and making a check-up report. Data linkage with other software is also possible.
One of the most important points is Easy and Simple user-interface. So, by introducing a Medical check-up NAVI, you can start a check-up project in your hospital quickly.
These days, we are trying to developing AI technology by using these check-up results. With AI technology we can predict the risks, what kind of disease will happen in your health in the future. As preventive medicine, a method of the medical check-up is a worthful approach for well-being.
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Strengths / Specialties

“Medical Checkup NAVI” has 3 special points below.
1. Developed from our Proven Experiences and Know-how in Japan
We have introduced our software to over 300 medical institutions in
Japan. Based on these experiences and know-how, “Medical Checkup
NAVI”, an all-in-one packaged software that covers every medical checkup
operation, was developed.
2. Simple and Easy User-Interface
“Medical Checkup NAVI” consists of a simple and easy user interface that
anyone can easily understand and use.
3. Reasonable Price and Maintenance Cost
The introduction price is reasonable, and the monthly maintenance fee is
lower compared to other kinds of medical software.
We hope you will visit our booth and experience “Medical Checkup NAVI”

Company profile / business description

Since its founding in 1998, HIT has provided medical software solutions to help hospitals and medical facilities streamline their workflows. In particular, annual checkups of entire company staffs, which are carried out annually in Japan, require a high level of personnel and work due to their complexity and number of patients. For these, HIT has provided a long-awaited help with its software “Medical Checkup NAVI”.
The “Medical Checkup NAVI” software provides an integrated data management system for simple medical examinations of all kinds and, in particular, for the prevention of cancer, thanks to simple connectivity with electronic medical records and medical devices. The various applications not only streamline the integration of diagnostic, therapeutic and patient data, but also offer hospitals and insurance companies enormous benefits in terms of costs and billing.
Japan's first specialty clinic for cancerous diseases uses HIT's software.
Nearly all major clinics and hospitals in Japan are already using this system to optimize their testing operations. The Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research (JFCR) as well introduced the software into their hospital in Tokyo, Japan, for cancer screening and therapy, joining a user base of 180 other medical facilities across the country.
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